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What could makerspaces possibly offer in terms of information to an IT class? Well, makerspaces are composed entirely of either different hardware or software programs and even offer traditional arts and crafts. Makerspaces are used to broaden the definition of what a library can and will offer its patrons beyond just computers and books.

Still confused about what makerspaces are and what goes into designing one? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Check out What are Makerspaces? to learn about the many different categories of makerspaces that exist and how they are all interconnected together!

Once you have a good idea about what makerspaces are and feel confident enough to move on to the next topic, head over to our Physical Tools page and Online Tools page to discover some examples of just what types of tools different libraries are putting into their makerspaces.

What if you’re considering designing and implementing a makerspace now but are concerned about the problems that go into actually putting one together? Go to our Issues & Obstacles for Implementing Makerspaces page to find out how you can make the change a little easier.

To make sure that your future users know how to take advantage of the space you’re offering them, look for tips on the Outreach to Users of All Ages page.

If you are interested in looking at some local and national makerspace examples, check out Makerspaces in the Real World.

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